Hybrids are mixtures of two or more flavors of gatorade. Actually, hybrid is simply a fancy word for blend or mixture, but, here at NHRT, we always use the most sophisticated vernacular.

I stole this image from Gatorade.com!

Hybrid #1:
Date of Birth: Approximately 04/21/00
Inventor: Pat/Ben
Name: Rainy Day
This is classic hybridage. Mix one part Alpine Snow with two parts Riptide Rush and two parts Glacier Freeze. Wow. This is not for the novice hybrideer.

Hybrid #2:
Date of Birth: 02/06/01
Inventor: Pat/Ben
Name: Delta Juice
To make a good batch of Delta Juice, mix one part Fierce Lime with two parts High Tide. Shake thoroughly, then enjoy.

Hybrid #3:
Date of Birth: 03/05/01
Inventor: Ben/Adam/Scott
Name: Fierce Puce
Fierce Puce is concocted by mixing one part Fierce Melon with three parts Fierce Lime. The color is somewhat ... puceish.

Hybrid #4:
Date of Birth: 03/06/01
Inventor: Pat/Ben H./Scott/Chase
Name: Orange Hemorrhage
Orange Hemorrhage is a calm, tangy flavor that is made by mixing two parts Fruit Punch with three parts Orange. Simple but delicious.

Hybrid #5:
Date of Birth: 03/10/01
Inventor: Pat/Robbie
Name: Silhouette Soother
Mix one part Orange with one part Glacier Freeze and you will be looking at a sore throat medicine 100 times as potent as Robitussin Extra Strength. Although it is against NHRT policy to in any way discourage Gatorade drinking, we have to caution you - be very weary of overdoses. Use it sparingly.

Hybrid #6:
Date of Birth: 03/10/01
Inventor: Robbie/Pat
Name: Coral Invasion
To brew a killer mix of Coral Invasion, fuse together one part Fruit Punch, one part Lemon Lime and one part Glacier Freeze. One part Fierce Melon can be incorporated into the fray for extra zest!

Hybrid #7:
Date of Birth: 04/26/01
Inventor: Ryan/Pat/Robbie
Name: Ostentatious Ooze
Add one part Fierce Grape followed by one part High Tide to a solvent of seven parts Lemon Lime to obtain some Ostentatious Ooze. If you prepare it incorrectly, you'll know, because when properly hybridized this beverage will blow you away with its excellent balance of flavor and thirst-quenching ability.

Hybrid #8:
Date of Birth: 04/10/01-04/28/01 (This one struggled on its way out!)
Inventor: Ben/Scott
Name: Summer Splurge
ODR (NEW!): 95 Degrees
With one part Lemon Lime and one part Fruit Punch, and a little manual swirling, the ultimate summer drink can be fashioned. Summer Splurge is neon citrus fun with a bite, the perfect drink to mix when sweltering summer has arrived and the thermometer reads a whopping 95 degrees.

Hybrid #9:
Date of Birth: 05/04/01
Inventor: Ryan/Pat
Name: Promiscuous Pineapple
ODR: 75 Degrees
Promiscuous Pineapple is unbelievable. Not only does it pack a savory pineapple punch, but it improves your performance in competition exponentially. In fact, Promiscuous Pineapple is an All-SPC Hybrid! Why have we bestowed this honor upon it? Well, it was concocted on the day that the St. Mark's Varsity Baseball Team won the SPC Championship! But, the more I think about it, its creators never entered the game once ... Well, trust us, it's still that potent! Stir some up with five parts Lemon Lime, three parts Citrus Cooler and two parts Fierce Melon!