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Congratulations! You have entered the Members Only page! Here you will be privy to very confidential information, and you will never reveal any of it to any non-member!

First all-members meeting: Tenatively scheduled for 10:30 am on Tuesday, February 27, 2001. The meeting place is TBA.

The second all-members meeting is tenatively scheduled for 10:30 am on Tuesday, March 6, 2001. This meeting was originally going to take place at 3:00 pm today, but the Spizzwinks singers from Yale are here performing in a mandatory chapel. Great. Everybody needs to bring a hybrid (make sure you remember how you made it), and if this is not possible at least bring some Gatorade. Ask Pat during the day on Tuesday where the meeting will take place.

If you are one of these guys like Nader Abulgeinmypants or Colin "I'm a dumb Canadian stupid worthless three-foot tall faggot Pikachu b$tch (this word has been censored while NHRT is under investigation by the adminstration, but don't worry, Colin is still a bi!ch. Oops, I guess I just gave it away anyway.)" Pickard who like to hack into our site and read the "Members Only" page, I advise for your own health that you stop. You will not be invited to join G.H.E.T.T.O. Club due to your technical wizardry, and we will hurt you severely. (Ralph) Nader, I don't care how much you can bench, we are an army and we will destroy you. So stop.

Members List as of 05/14/01:
Pat Love - Chairman; Co-Founder; CEO; Webmaster [PLove8305@excite.com]
Ben Mercer - President; Co-Founder [mrcriferus@msn.com]
Robbie Baty - Vice President of Important Events and Other Such Things [robbaty42@aol.com]
Chase Park [chaser233@hotmail.com]
Dan Michalski [MrDan7@aol.com]
Scott Brizzolara [binarysab@aol.com]
Ben Harrison [rodchenko@juno.com]
Adam Wright [clevell@aol.com]
Ryan Sablotny - Secretary of Das Boot [TaknU2Schl@aol.com]
Steve "Hollywood" Walker - Faculty Sponsor [N/A]
Brandon Schubert [Schubes03@aol.com]
Paul Trejo [PaulTneri@msn.com]